Gym Smarts: Stretching

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Aaron Small, Physical Therapist
Gym Smarts: Stretching Part One First stretch I am gonna show you is stretching out the calves. Very easily, lean up against something. You want to feel that stretch through your calf muscle and hold about 20 seconds. And you do two times on one side. Then repeat on the other side. It is also important to stretch out the hamstrings. If you do not have a back condition, you can just stand up and bend over. Do your hamstring stretches like this. And hold that out about 20 seconds. And of course switch to the other side. Now if you happen to have a back injury, let me show you a way that is a little bit more safe. You want to take a long bed sheet or an old bath towel. Lie down on your back. Make sure your head is rested. Your shoulders are rested. Take that long bed sheet get it around the foot. And you gonna pull up to a stretch. Now as long as I am at it, I am going to show you another good stretch that kinda gets the outer portion that stretches all the way up to the hip. Do about the same thing, only pull over a little bit, so pull it over so that you heel is above these toes and you will pull up into a stretch. Of course you will hold it out for 20 seconds and do two times on each side.