Food as Medicine

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I'm here with my good friend Don Saladino, and--

[MUSIC PLAYING] --we're going to talk today about food as medicine and really how you can do meals, snacks in a simple way. It doesn't have to require a lot of prep or work, but you do have to think ahead of time about what you want to eat.

And the days of the stereotypical 1980 bodybuilder eating chicken and rice, that's not healthy. Healthy can be delicious. And I think that's something that you and I are going to show people today.

Like we want our foods to be colorful. We want them to be nutritious, packed with micro and macro nutrients. And I think we should be able to enjoy our food.

We both have kids. So it's difficult to cook different food for your children than we're cooking for ourselves. So I need to make sure that my food that's fulfilling my needs are fulfilling my kids needs, which is it has to taste great. [MUSIC PLAYING]