In Plain Sight: Reflexes

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Look at you. You're out of control. Ah, it's not you. I'm just talking about your reflexes-- those involuntary muscle movements that you have no control over.

And reflexes are a great thing. They protect your body. For instance, coughs are reflexes.

You feel an irritation inside your lungs, your throat jerks, then your jaw drops, and boom.

You release a big blast of air, and ideally jigger loose whatever badness you had in there.

Then there's the very practical flinch, which is when your body instinctively moves to protect itself.

Let's say that's you at a party. Suddenly, you hear a startling noise. [BOOM] Yikes.

Watch as your face winces and your eyes squint, anticipating potential pain coming your way.

And even your hands reflexively raise up to fend off trouble.

Good thing it was just a silly balloon. But if it had been something actually dangerous, your reflexes were there, ready to protect.

And then there's vomiting. Gross? Sure. But it's one of the most critical reflexes.

Ha, we'd never show that. But I bet you just covered your eyes. Eh? And that, my good people, is a reflex in action. I really tied that all together reflexively, if you ask me.