Taming Your Trouble Spots: Back Fat

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Dr. Pam Peeke
Hi, I'm Dr. Pam Peeke. You pull on your sexy, body-hugging sweater and jeans and, uh oh, there they are -- those annoying rolls of back fat bulging up around your bra line and spilling out over your waistband. It’s time to take action! All you need is space for an exercise mat, and you can even do any of these exercises while watching TV! Let's start with a lower-back extension off the floor. All you have to do is lie down on your tummy, face down. Now, in beginner pose, you simply take your hands and bring them over to the side.

: What you're going to be doing now is lifting up. As you lift up, you're engaging your back, your glutes, your core. We love this multitasking, don't we? And then you hold -- see if you can hold for a count of five. Can you do that? And bring it right back down again. And up again. Now, for some of you who are more highly trained, take your hands, place them behind your ears, now, and lift even higher.

: And for that matter, how about getting those legs up off the ground, too.That's your goal. See if you can do that. You're starting out with five great repetitions, working your way to 10, even 15. This is such a great exercise. Let's do a bridge. Once again, we're going to multitask. We're going to be contracting the gluteus, the core, as well as your back. And your back has huge muscles. We want to really try to engage all of them. Simply lie on your back, bent knees, feet on the floor, and your hands gently to each side. Now, contract your ab, as well as your gluteus -- ,, and push up as though you're trying to touch the ceiling. There you are! Now, I want to see a nice straight line from your neck to your knees. Is that what I'm seeing? I hope so.

: Now, can you hold it? Can you hold it for a second? Five seconds? Maybe even 10? Then bring it back down again. Doesn't that feel fantastic? Bring it back up again. You're going for eventually five, 10, even 15 repetitions. Doesn't this feel great? And for some of you who are little bit more advanced, take your leg and extend it. Can you do that? And hold it there. Or take it straight on up for that matter. Yeah, you can do this one day. I know you can, even if you're a beginner right now. Doesn't this feel fantastic? Down we go. You know, I bet you never thought busting your back fat could be so easy. So long, bra bulge! You can make healthy changes to your diet and body, and WebMD can help. Use the WebMD Food and Fitness Planner to track your progress.