10-Minute Back Workout

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All right, guys. Let's get going on our 10-minute back workout. Grab your favorite set of dumbbells. We're going to start with the back fly. Form is very important here. Bending at your waist. Keeping your back nice and flat. Slowly raise the weights, and back down. Your arms will be slightly bent.

I even like holding them up here for a second, move slowly back down. Now when you're up here, focus on squeezing your upper back muscles, the ones in between your shoulder blades. Your feet should be right about shoulder width apart. We're going to do these exercises for one minute each. Five exercises two reps. Couple more seconds.

All right. We're moving on to the narrow row. Same position. Bend at your waist. Back flat. Arms straight down. Pull up. Slowly back down. Keep your palms facing each other. And the weight, pull it up towards your abdomen, not towards your chest.

And on all these exercises, you want to keep your neck nice and neutral, so not looking up like I am. But you should be looking down towards the floor. Your neck and your spine in the neutral position. And again, all of them, you're squeezing up at the top, focusing on those muscles right there between your shoulder blades. Five more seconds.

All right. We're going to move to the wide row. Same position. Bend there at your waist. Weights this time are facing me. Out to the side, nice and wide. Hold it up for a second. Nice and slow back down. Each of these little tweaks is allowing you to hit a slightly different set of muscles there in your upper back. And in this position, you're also building a nice, strong lower back too. Remember to hold it for one second up at the top. Make sure you don't feel any strain in your neck. Five more seconds. All right. We're actually going to stand up straight now for the Romanian deadlift. Weights in front of you. You're bending just like you were before. Lowering the weight just to below your knees. Again, all of these, your feet about shoulder width apart, making sure that you're reaching back with your butt on this one.

You don't want your knees to go past your toes. You're getting some bonuses here. Of course, you're working the lower back muscles. But you're also hitting the glutes, the butt muscles, and the back of the legs, the hamstrings. Just like on the others, though, keep your neck nice and neutral. Five more seconds. Last one.

And we're going to take it down to the floor for the lat pullover. Feet flat on the floor. Weights nice and high. Just slowly lower it. Just a slight bend in your arm. And focus on those back muscles. You know, studies have shown, that when you actually focus on the muscles you're working, they become stronger. You're able to do more.

So when you're looking at yourself in the mirror while doing exercises, it isn't just for vanity. It really does make a difference. That mental energy focused on your muscles really does help them get stronger. This is the last one of the round.

Now we're going to take it back up to the back fly. Second round. Remember, nice, flat back. Neutral neck. Up, hold for a second. Slowly lower. The reason I say, slowly lower, is that's what we call the eccentric phase.

And actually, that's where your muscles grow. It's not pulling them up, but relaxing them down. That's why you want to get the most out of that and spend a little bit more time relaxing those muscles. Here you're hitting the posterior deltoids, which is the back of the shoulder and the rotator cuff, which is really important.

All right. Down to narrow row. Palms facing each other. Remember, bringing the weight more towards your belly, not towards your chest. And here, you're really hitting all three major muscle groups of the back. The rhomboids, which are kind of those middle back muscles right there in between your shoulder blades.

Your lats, which are those back muscles kind of on the side. And your trapezius is kind of a big kite-shaped muscle that goes all the way from the base of your neck to your mid-back. Probably starting to feel this a little bit in those muscles. Five more seconds.

All right. Let's stand up for a second. Rest. Back down to that same position. Wide row. Out to the side. Back down. Again, similar to this one, you don't want the weight way up here at your shoulders. You want them more down towards the side.

You'll know you're doing it right because you'll feel the squeeze there around your shoulder blades, not as much behind the shoulders. If you ever need a break, it's OK. Stand up. Take a breath. Go back down. Remember, I don't ever want you to feel any strain in your neck. Five more seconds. Last one.

All right. Stand up straight. Weights in front of you for the Romanian deadlift. Slight bend in your knees. Slowly lower it down. Now on this one, like I mentioned the lower back muscles, that's what we call the erector spinae muscles. They're actually long, thin muscles that pretty much go along the entire length of the back.

These are those muscles that you want nice and strong. Helps with all those low back problems that we have. Now as these get easier, I want you to speed up. Just increase the weight a little bit. Last one.

All right. Now to the lat pullover. Down to the floor. Feet flat on the floor. Nice little bend in your elbows. Slowly lower back down. It's a good idea to kind of roll your pelvis up to keep your back, your lower back, nice and flat on the floor.

And with this one, you're hitting the latissimus dorsi nice, which is that wider back muscle on each side. We're almost done, guys. 15 more seconds. One more. All right. Stand up and set those dumbbells down. Great job. Don't forget to stretch it back out. Have a great day.