3 Advanced Yoga Poses for Balance

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These are three cool poses. They're considered advanced, but with some modifications, you can try these at home.

The first cool pose is Crow. To prepare for this, take your legs about hip width a part or a little wider, hands planted firmly on the floor, and just rocked back and forth. Rock your knees toward the back of your arms, and then lift up your booty, bend your elbows, maybe take one toe off the ground, maybe another one. Your legs are resting on the back of the arms, looking up if you can.

It really works the core, strengthens the wrists. It helps to keep your spine flexible. And then just fold and relax into Standing Forward Fold. Rest your arms. Rest your neck.

We're going to move into Half Moon Pose. This is an extreme leg balancing pose. Standing on the right leg, strong leg. Put your right hand on the floor, fingertips, or you can take a chair, hold onto the chair or a block. Left leg in the sky, a little more than parallel to the ground, left arm to the sky.

It strengthens the thighs, the ankles, the glutes. If you want to try an advanced version, you can take the right hand off the ground, put it on the heart. This pose opens the chest.


Coming back to the floor, just gently lower the leg. We're going to move into prep for Headstand. So forearms on the ground, palms on the ground. This may be as far as you go. That's absolutely fine. If you want to try Headstand, this will strengthen your shoulders. Also if you're new at this, make sure the wall is behind you, so that your legs can go up against the wall. You do not want to do this if you have migraines or cervical disk problems or glaucoma.

So tuck your elbows in a little bit. Make a tripod with your head, with your hands. So you can make a little tripod with the arms. Top of the head on the mat, gently start to lift up. You can try a toe or two, bringing the legs slowly, just try your headstand.

There's a full headstand. It's amazing all over body workout. Some of the benefits are-- it's said to stimulate the lymphatic system, strengthens the shoulders, the arms.

Take long, slow breaths once you're in a headstand.


And then slowly come out. Just ease your way out. You always want a rest after a headstand. Taking Child's Pose, just completely rest knowing that you, too, can pull off three cool poses.