10 Stability Ball Exercises

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All right, guys. We're going to do a 10-minute, total body workout using the stability ball. So let's get started. We're going to start with the overhead reach. So the ball high in the air, arms straight. You're just going to squat down for an overhead squat-- nice and slow.

I'm going to turn to the side just for a second so you can see. With my butt, I'll reach back as if I'm sitting in a chair. The weight should always be on your heels, never on your toes. One thing I like to do, kind of point your toes up in your shoes.

That way, you'll assure that you stay on your heels. We're going to do each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15-second rest and transition, for a total of 10 minutes. All right. Time to rest. We're going to move on to the balance pushup.

You're going to get your feet on the ball. Normal pushup position, slowly lower yourself down. Keep your body nice and straight. You can vary the speed a bit if you want-- faster. But always maintain perfect form.

Just 10 more seconds, guys. A couple more. All right. Get out of the position nice and slowly. Transition to a plank. We're going to do this with our elbows on the ball. We've got five more seconds rest.

All right, guys. Here we go. Now again, straight, keep your body nice and straight, real tight. Pull in your abs. And as we say, suck in your gut. Try to keep your spine all in alignment. You'll see this is probably harder than doing it on the floor. Five more seconds.

All right. We're going to transition now to a squat and reach. Some people might call it a squat and twist. You'll see why. Kind of get back into your squat position. The ball in front of you, squat down, twist to the left side, hold it for a second.

Back to the middle, stand up. Back down, twist to the right side. Hold it. Back to the middle and up. Don't forget to breathe. You should feel your heart rate getting up there now. Five more seconds.

All right, that's it. 15-second break, we're going to move on to bird dog on the stability ball. You may have seen this one before on the floor, but a little variety. Start with all fours on the floor. Just raise your right arm and your left leg.

Nice and slow, left arm and right leg. You're really getting the lower back, the butt, the shoulders. And we're really firing all sorts of muscles. Ten more seconds. All right, one more.

All right, 15-second break. Now this next one, guys, is a tough one. It's called the pike. So get into position nice and slow. And just do what you can. It's kind of like the pushup position. Raise up. It's a pretty intense ab exercise.

Of course, you're hitting your upper body pretty good too-- your chest, your arms, your shoulders. A couple more. All right. Good job, guys. Now we're going to move on to hamstring curl. Lie back, heels on the ball.

Raise up, nice, straight body. Keep it nice and straight. We curl it in. Just like on a lot of the others, keep your body nice and straight, no floppy body. You'll feel this in the back of your legs, the hamstrings, certainly also in your butt. Almost there. One more.

All right. We're going to move on to tricep dips. So sit on your ball. Take a minute. You get a little break. Slowly get into position. You've probably seen these. It amps the difficulty a little bit on the ball.

And just move your feet in towards you. It makes it a little easier. It's going to be shaky. It's going to be wobbly. Quite all right. It's all part of the benefit. A couple more. Last one. All right.

We are moving now to knee tucks. Some people call them jackknife. I think you'll recognize this position. Nice, straight body, this time just tucking in your knees back to the abs.

But obviously, you're using a lot of muscles here to keep your body up-- your arms, your chest, your shoulders. And remember, straight body. A couple more. All right, nice and slow. Now we're going to move on.

Last exercise, side squat. Take some good, deep breaths. Here we go. You're going to be back into the squat position, the ball up above. You're going to take it to each side-- first the left and then the right. Stretch it really high. This is your last one. Make it good.

You can speed up just a little. Should be good and warmed up by now. Try to keep both your feet flat on the floor through the entire move. One more. All right, guys.

Well done, 10-minute stability ball exercise. Now don't forget to cool down and stretch it out a little bit, all right? Have a great day.