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    Evidence Builds for Use of Glycemic Index to Control Diabetes



    "It ... is readily learned as it's simply based on the concept of the healthy diet pyramid. Meals and snacks need to be regular and based on carbohydrate foods," she says. "[Children] found it easier to select their own meals, found that family activities were not limited, found it less of a hindrance to usual family routine and reported less conflict and tension within the family unit."

    John Buse, MD, the director of the Diabetes Care Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, says that "this is an important study conceptually and might be a reasonable thing to try in people who are failing at carbohydrate counting."

    And Gerald Bernstein, MD, the past president of the ADA and attending endocrinologist at Beth Israel Medical Center In New York says that "this is a another way of incorporating what comes into the body as part of a diabetes management scheme."

    But as for carbohydrate counting, it is not necessarily a difficult concept for children to learn, he says.

    "Once they get the idea, the range of foods that kids eat is fairly narrow so within the narrowness they can adjust it [and] if the kids tell you what they eat or are going to eat, parents can make a better assessment of insulin before or after a meal," he says.

    GI counts of some common foods are as follows:

    Rye bread, 64
    White bread, 68
    Baked beans, 43
    White rice, 72
    Milk, 34
    Yogurt, 38
    Corn flakes, 83
    All Bran cereal, 54
    Spaghetti, 38
    Banana, 61
    Potato chips, 56
    Orange juice, 49

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