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  1. Can You Trust a Drugstore Pregnancy Test?

    Keith Eddleman, MD, describes how reliable home pregnancy tests are.

  2. How Mom's Extra Weight Affects Pregnancy

    Keith Eddleman, MD, explains how being overweight can affect pregnancy.

  3. What Is Pre-Eclampsia?

    Keith Eddleman, MD, talks about preeclampsia, a serious condition that occurs during pregnancy.

  4. Good Nutrition When Trying to Conceive

    Good nutrition and a healthy body weight can help women who are trying to conceive. Some nutrients are more important than others.

  5. Fertility: Trying to Conceive

    If you're trying to conceive, how long should it take? It depends on your age and if you have underlying health conditions.

  6. Stress and Your Fertility Cycle

    Does the stress we all experience impact your ability to get pregnant? It does play a role and her's what you can do.

  7. Folic Acid: Start Before You Conceive

    Taking folic acid is essential for women of child bearing age. A look at why and when women should take it.

  8. What to Look for in a Prenatal Vitamin

    Why should women consider a prenatal vitamin when they're trying to conceive and what should they look for?

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