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    1. The Link Between Stroke and Diabetes

      Diabetes greatly increases the risk of stroke. Learn more from WebMD about the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of stroke.

    2. What Are Insulin Pumps?

      Learn when and why an insulin pump would be used to help treat diabetes.

    3. Diabetes and Infection: How to Spot the Signs

      Diabetes can hurt your body's ability to fight infection. Learn the warning signs.

    4. Diabetes and Foot Problems

      WebMD gives you tips to prevent foot problems linked to diabetes.

    5. The Facts About Carbs, Fiber, and Diabetes

      Learn about carbohydrate counting and fiber intake for those with diabetes.

    6. The Emotional Effects of Diabetic Nerve Pain

      Peripheral neuropathy brought on by diabetes can cause chronic nerve pain. WebMD offers suggestions for coping.

    7. Artificial Sweeteners and Diabetes

      The variety of artificial sweeteners can be confusing for someone with diabetes. WebMD gives you a rundown of what's safe to eat.

    8. 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Diabetes Complications

      WebMD provides you with 10 essential questions to ask your doctor about diabetes complications.

    9. Could I Get Gestational Diabetes?

      WebMD explains the tests used to diagnose gestational diabetes.

    10. How Does Type 2 Diabetes Affect Children?

      WebMD gives you the basics on type 2 diabetes in children, including prevention strategies and special concerns with teens.

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