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  1. Gestational Diabetes -- the Basics

    Learn about gestational diabetes, a common problem that can develop in pregnancy.

  2. Be Prepared for Low Blood Sugar

    If you rely on insulin injections or certain pills to manage your diabetes, you’re at risk of low blood sugar, called hypoglycemia. Here’s what you can do to keep yourself out of this danger zone and stay prepared.

  3. Warning Signs of Diabetes Problems

    Diabetes complications tell you your blood sugar is out of control. But if you know their warning signs, you can nip them in the bud or keep them from getting worse.

  4. When Insulin Isn’t Enough for High Blood Sugar

    If you use insulin for diabetes and still have high blood sugar, lifestyle changes and medications can help.

  5. Healthy Living for Everyone With Diabetes

    When you’re living with diabetes, what you eat and how much you exercise make a big difference in your condition, even if you aren’t overweight.

  6. How to Count Your Carbs

    If you have diabetes, counting carbs is important. Make sure you’re doing it the right way.

  7. What Causes Gestational Diabetes?

    Learn why some women get high blood sugar during pregnancy, and whether you could be at risk.

  8. How to Plan a Pregnancy When You Have Diabetes

    If you have diabetes and are planning to get pregnant, you will want to make lifestyle changes and your doctor will want to perform certain tests to make sure you don't put yourself or your future child at risk. WebMD explains.

  9. Diabetes and Pregnancy

    Managing a pregnancy if you have diabetes means carefully monitoring medications, diet, and your baby's size. WebMD explains how to keep yourself and your unborn baby healthy.

  10. Does Your Diabetes Diet Give You What You Need?

    WebMD explains how a healthy type 2 diabetes diet and meal plan can make all the difference to a person struggling to keep blood sugar under control.

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